About Us | Cavaliers Netball Club, Launceston

About us

our vision

Our vision and driving ambition is to be the most competitive and successful Tasmanian Netball League (TNL) Club. In competing successfully we will model exemplary ethical behaviour and adopt professional standards in all we do.  

our mission

Our mission is to participate with distinction in the TNL. We will provide well-planned development programs, elite pathways and support for talented netball athletes and officials (coaches, umpires, administrators, bench personnel) in N & NE Tasmania.

our values

Our Club will be defined by distinctive values and a culture that underpins the way we will operate:

  • Uncompromisingly focused on doing our best and achieving Club, team and individual goals
  • Fully committed to fair and ethical play and in winning the ‘right way’
  • Providing a well-planned, nurturing and supportive Club environment for our players, match and technical officials and supporters
  • Conscious of our responsibility to contribute to the wider development of netball and for our members to act as role models for future generations of players, officials and supporters
  • Maintaining the distinctive Cavaliers club culture that features a welcoming, inclusive and harmonious Club environment


our coaches

A critical element of the success of the Cavaliers has been our high quality coaches who are in touch with coaching developments and trends and are committed to professional development.  

We identify, develop and support the professional development of high quality coaches and recognise the pivotal nature of coaching development to the future of the Cavaliers by actively involving the senior Club coach and coaching team in the Club’s Committee and planning meetings.

We encourage and support our coaches to be involved in and support Netball Tasmania coaching developments, the High Performance Program and State and ANL teams. This close involvement with State coaching programs and development provides our coaches with opportunities to meet with current and prospective coaches, to act as role models and to encourage and support new coaches to become involved in State League coaching.

Our coaching is directed at improving athlete performance through professionally-based training and other programs. Key aspects of athlete performance enhancement include:

  • Setting team and individual goals/targets
  • Individualised athlete training programs
  • Assessing athlete physical/technical capabilities     
  • Encouraging self-evaluation
  • Systematic measurement/monitoring individual performance by ‘of’, ‘for’ and ‘as’ assessment


our administrative people

The Cavaliers’ success goes beyond the wonderful Club achievements in the TNL. The Club has maintained a sound administrative structure, an enterprising environment and we embrace strategic planning and continuous improvement: we are plan-driven. The current Strategic Plan is aligned with Netball Australia and Netball Tasmania’s key strategies and directions and is a “rolling” Plan that is reviewed and revised systematically with the input of players, officials, and members.  

We are welcoming, supportive, enterprising and inclusive – we want our past players, officials and supporters to remain involved in the Club. Our policy is to address any issues and problems early, fairly and sensitively. We expect that all our members will behave as role models for current players and supporters and for the next generation of players, officials and supporters. We accept our responsibility to help promote and develop Netball in Northern Tasmania.

To provide formal recognition of highly proficient administrative performance and Club leadership, the prestigious Cavalier of the Year award was instituted in 1997, and continues to be awarded on an annual basis to this day. It recognises a Club administrator or official who demonstrates significant, ongoing achievements and a high level of performance in key off-court areas in the Club.


Current Executive Committee

President – Tonya Kroon

Vice President – Brett Gillow

Vice President – Donna McLellan

Secretary – Paige Kroon

Treasurer – Narelle Cameron


primary SPONSOR

Our primary sponsor is F45 Training and we have a substantial base of members: our players, coaches and officials, supporters, business sponsors and associated clubs in the NTNA and NENA.